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Science Exhibition

Science ExhibitionThe exhibition was inaugurated by the State Project Director. SSA and director. Tamil Nadu elementary education students in elementary and middle schools belonging to school state sponsored and participated in Chennai.

In each classroom, students actively participated in the representation of different concepts of science with the model of innovation in the exhibition of science. Many interesting displays and models come to life in the enthusiasm of the students were part of the exhibition. Briefly, the science fair was fantastic. Children who participate gave much information about the exhibitions. It was a great show.

The projects were very interesting and instructive models were on various topics. Congratulations to all teachers and students who made science Expo 2012 a great success.

The exhibition illustrates both the ancient Indian scientific knowledge and the Indian contribution to science and modern technology. HMCS staged similar shows in the world, but to be the first of its kind in the Caribbean. They are used in connection concerning cooperation with the National Institute of Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology (NIHERST), an agency of MSTTE. This collaboration began when the two institutions signed an agreement in India, as part of the state visit of the Honourable Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago.

Young scientists of all working models displayed MSB and experiences. For the first time, our Tiny Tots pre-primary and participated in this mega-Saib event.Janab Aamli inaugurated the exhibition in collaboration with committee members, Sh Yusuf bhai Masool Yamani, academic coordinator of the Mayor aphasia. The Muraquibeen worked HOS ‘s, teachers and all students make the difficult event a success.

Popular Science

Popular ScienceHundreds of local college students and came to the University of California, Riverside campus on Saturday, March 3, rather than participate in the Inland Empire Regional Science Olympiad. The regional competition has been eager student teams compete in different categories, which tested their knowledge of scientific facts, concepts and applications.

Projects, models of groundwater systems, small helicopters that could fly, and mouse trap cars are included, was a variety of disciplines in science and technology. They found in classrooms or in the corridors of six buildings on campus, with some projects that are kept outside. Family members and friends cheered the participating teams, encouraging them to do their best.

Two students prepare their helicopter for a flight. Photo credit: UCR Strategic Communications.The UC Riverside Graduate Division organized the event. Joseph Childers, dean of the Graduate Division, the Society for the Advancement of Chicanos and Indians in Science (SACNAS) at UCR has worked to bring the popular hands-on competition at UCR.

We are very pleased with the overwhelmingly positive response, the Regional Science Olympiad students had to keep their competition at UCR satisfied, “said Childers.” The extra effort on the part of the Bourns College of Engineering and the College of natural sciences and agriculture is the day a great experience for all. The Regional Science Olympiad is a wonderful way to reach our campus for high school and junior high students and the mathematical sciences across the region and help better understanding of our community, how engaged the campus and its faculty are student success at all levels.

Online Memory Experiments

Online Memory ExperimentsEarlier this year, we experience an online store in this blog. We had an exceptional response. Within three weeks of the experiment was direct, attended by tens of thousands of people of all ages and from all over the world, making it one of the largest experiments ever conducted of memory. Although we only had a couple of weeks to process the answers, here’s a look at the numbers from a random sample of 27,000 participants.

One of the surprising discoveries about memory was the finding that the memory of a past event is not like choosing a DVD from the platform and read it. The memory is a reconstruction process. We stock various functions of an event as representations that are distributed in the brain.

The sounds in the auditory processing areas in the vicinity of the ears; In simple words, are the visual features in the vicinity of the rear portion of the brain in the areas of visual processing specialized represented and odors in the olfactory system, which behind the nose.

Many things happen in our lives, and so it makes sense that our brains are a few memory-efficient strategies have been developed. We try not to remember every single event in its entirety. Instead, we store the elements of an event, and do together in different ways on different memories. The disadvantage is that similar events that have a common set of characteristics can be difficult to remember.

Overall, our sample as well as people from 147 countries from all continents. It is not surprising, as many of the UK (15,000) were, however, there were 3500 in the United States, 1,200 from Brazil, over 700 each from Canada and Romania and hundreds of Australia, France, Germany, India, New Zealand, Russia, Spain and Ukraine. Among the countries in which 50 or more people participated, led by residents of China, the best on the memory task, on average, to correctly identify the words they had seen before. Residents in Japan and the United States, on average, followed by residents of Mexico, Canada, Germany and New Zealand and Australia, Turkey and the United Kingdom.

Practical Science

Practical ScienceScience is now time to be exploring the world around you. It happens to be mainly research and all around you. If you are a science research that the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčleading the school will be required to pass a number of projects are considered part of their science programs. You really should ensure that the scientific enterprise that you should go to be really useful. The information you really should be unique in your science projects. You should really be proud of your business science.

Sometimes, a study of the encounter for the scholar as well. If you learned science is done then you should really try to complete as many projects as scientific significance. You have the chance to win this award too much for your business.

You can also follow your projects in several exhibitions. You have the opportunity to win this award for other studies. You should not allow this option to lose. You really should take virtually any effective option that is your solution. You can also describe the library for details related to your business. You can also describe the power to collect information related to your business.

You can make the same number of studies associated with your business. Then you have the opportunity to experience this in your company to discuss science. You can also draw conclusions about the company established. You can also create these reports about your business.

Many academics also perform risk science fair. This science fair project will help students find a lot about the fundamentals of science. It will help them in their future. Students who are interested in science will find it very informative. Students who are not interested in science gradually, just as certainly have an interest in it. During their science projects, while students will also find many talents connections. You will also learn to work together.

Technology News

Technology NewsFor many fans of Apple managed the October 2011 release of the phone to impress 4S – at least initially. While Apple touted as the 4S, the “best phone yet,” saw the same device with the phone was missing and four features expected as a button-free interface and larger screen. Jobs at the first uses up to 4S oxygen around the brand and drew attention to the characteristics of the latest incarnation of the phone line, despite the fact that consumers buy the product have been at record speed.

But once the dust settled, it became clear that most phone 4S to a mediocre upgrade is mainly due to the inclusion of a potential changer in the mobile environment, “Sire, the Apple version a PDA.

Unlike typical, incremental development in human-machine interfaces, the father can demonstrate significant progress in its calculation of consumers since the mouse has given users the ability to perform navigation point-and-click. And for retailers, it is possible that the father of the first step on a path that will revolutionize the way consumers use their mobile device to shop represents.

Even if it is only available in beta on the phone 4S, it is no exaggeration to say that Siri, the killer application has been pending for the evangelists of mobile commerce. From a technical standpoint, Siri is essentially in two directions, the speech recognition application. Siri users can speak a command and get a verbal response from their device. This feature alone is not all that impressive, such as speech recognition is already a feature embedded in many mobile platforms and other products.

But here is what Siri different: Unlike other speech recognition applications, the ability to access and transactions with Siri other applications and information sources. Using a wide range of user-specific information, Siri can act on a user name. So, for mobile users, Siri really act as a personal digital assistant, a virtual partner with unlimited access to user profile settings, select personal accounts and other data sources.

Science Reflection

Science ReflectionWhen most people first hear of scientific data, it is usually in the context of how the Web’s leading companies are working with very large amounts of data to predict the rate of clicks, make recommendations personal, or to analyze the experiences of unemployment insurance. Solutions to these problems require knowledge of statistics and machine learning, and therefore there is a general perception that the data of science closely related to these areas.

But in my discussions at scientific conferences and the era of cloud with clients, I found that many types of scientists such as astronomers, geneticists and geophysicists, working with very large amounts of data to models that do not have statistics or machine learning to build, and that these scientists face challenges that data is reliable scientific data Face book, Twitter and LinkedIn would.

The “information science” has been criticized on the grounds that it does not mean anything, could be the source of the criticism that scientific data is not an isolated discipline, but a number of techniques used by many scientists to solve problems across a wide range of scientific disciplines. As a DJ, Patel wrote in his excellent overview of the team structure of information science, the key to everything is the understanding of science “which is the heavy lifting of [DATA] and Cleaning preparation for something that is not in the way of solving the problem becomes: is the problem.

Inverse problems in almost all branches of science, including medical imaging, remote sensing and astronomy. We can also think of the DNA sequencing as an inverse problem in which the genome of the underlying model that we should be reconstructed from a collection of DNA fragments observed desire. Real-world problems are often ill-posed inverse or ill-conditioned, which means that scientists need skills base in the area, apply a suitable regularization conditions to solve the problem.

We could do this as a kind of Metcalfe’s Law for records where the value of a data set does not increase linearly with each additional observation.For example, a single web page can not think of much value, but 128 billions of Web pages can be used to make a building search engines. A DNA fragment is isolated is not very useful, but millions of them are able to sequence a genome can be combined. A single event can have adverse effects in any number of explanations, but millions can be processed to identify suspected drug interactions of them. In each of these examples, the personal files of the rich relationships that enhance the value of data as a whole.

Science Medicine

Science MedicineHumans, the symptoms should consult a physician. They should have appropriate assessments, the physical examination or not complete or partial. One problem is that people are not able to decide what is considered essential symptom.

This is a real dilemma, because minor transient symptoms are a normal part of life. Some of them are due to trivial conditions, spontaneously, some feelings are with the normal functioning of the body. Some people feel about it as other. Pay attention to them, so they tend to be worse. Some people can barely support these small sensations conscious thought, others to correct them and they were detained. There are a wide range of human reactions from the stoic penny a hypochondriac.

One of my classmates in medical school has a research project, where he kept a detailed journal of healthy volunteers from unpleasant physical sensations. If you carefully and note all salaries, it’s amazing how much you remember. Today, my ankles were bad for a little exercise for about 5 minutes after I itched my nose, my eyes were dry, I had a quick pinch of pain in my lower back, I felt something was amazed when I woke up I quickly twice during the night, my weight was a book yesterday, but now my left knee as he was in the process felt to yield, my shoulders ached a little too long after I was sitting at the computer, I noticed a new red bump on the ankle, and now that I think because I’m a bit of a slight headache … you get the idea.

When I depressed, anxious or stressed, so it can be tempting to correct some of these symptoms increase, and they are looking for a scapegoat for my physical stress, mental. As it happens, I’m worried about this at all trivial symptoms, and I will not waste time thinking about it. As a physician I have a knowledge base that I reasonably good judgment to know when to worry, but I could not wait for the average lay person with good judgment.

History of Science

History of ScienceA number of years now, I am a copy of the book author Dick Teresi lost discoveries I have made absolutely loved it. The book examines the history of science outside Europe, wandering around the development of mathematics and the discovery of zero to the invention of algebra (a good word in Arabic), algorithms (another good Arabic word ), Astronomy in Central America, and Chinese engineers mechanical achievements. Although I’ve never had a passionate mathematician, Teresi gave the description of these and other disciplines in the life and scientific discoveries linking to other cultural activities, land use of the architecture .

It is this link between culture and scientific research, a dry list of technological achievements transformed back into a success story. Even then, however, is to write a history of science in the conceptual difficulties that we have intellectual activities of the past “science” as if they tend to be labeled in line with our own notions of empiricism and the rational inquiry. Consider an example, the sharp division between astronomy (science) and astrology (not-science.) For much of human history, but these two disciplines are closely related to each other while Absolutely, and many medieval astronomers who are celebrated by modern historians used, precise celestial observations for astrological.

This problem is particularly acute when writing the history of science learning in Islam, which use much of the peak output of scientific scholars Arabic, Persian and Turkish advocate for the enlightened, modern Islam. A good example of this interpretation is Jim Al-Khalili, the science of the BBC and Islam (a very good program), based on performance in disciplines such as mathematics, medicine and astronomy, we identify as a strong academic focus. This attitude is limited to Western historians present the Museum has recently introduced the history of science and technology in Islam in Istanbul, such developments also argues implicitly that empiricism, scientific research and Islam are incompatible.