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Tesla Model X 2021 – Specifications – Price – Disadvantages – Advice before buying

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The base Long Range model starts at $91,000.

Tesla Model X 2021 – Specifications – Price – Disadvantages – Advice before buying


Tesla Model X 2021

2021 Tesla Model X specifications

“Tesla Model X 2022” is a luxury electric car, with an engine that accelerates from zero to 100 kilometers in about 4.4 seconds. The information system consists of a 17-inch screen, and a digital gauge cluster. and cargo space totaling 88 cubic feet.

Tesla Model X 2021 from the outside

There is a huge pane of curved glass that serves as the windshield and a panoramic roof. It makes the cabin look really open, also the roof protects against UV and infrared rays.

The Tesla Model X features a front grille, a top windshield that integrates with the panoramic glass sunroof, and hawk-wing rear doors. This time around, there are cleaner lines on the bodywork that are complemented by the de-chrome accents.


All Tesla cars look the same. Its exterior design is somewhat derived from the Tesla Model S, which is pretty obvious. Only, the Model X has larger proportions all around, even when compared to conventional SUVs in its class.

Tesla Model X 2021 from the inside

The Tesla Model X is packed with standard features, including a 17-inch touch screen, digital gauge cluster, navigation, Bluetooth, two USB ports, 17-speaker stereo, HD radio, satellite radio, a smartphone charging pad, and a hotspot Wi-Fi.


Tesla provides free software updates over the Internet for its vehicles to improve and add new features regularly. This can include updates to the vehicle’s operating systems and infotainment systems. Software updates can also change horsepower, driving range, and safety features. You can also purchase some security features and performance upgrades via OTA updates at any time.


The huge touch screen dominates the middle of the dashboard. It is easy to use and the screen reacts quickly to inputs. It should be noted that the system does not support Apple CarPlay or Android Auto to integrate your smartphone.

The first and second row seats are comfortable and supportive. There is enough room for the most part, although the second row accommodations aren’t very generous. Front visibility is also excellent, in part due to the large panoramic windshield. Synthetic leather upholstery and heated seats come standard on all grades.


The cabin features a stylish interior with clean lines and high-quality materials such as soft-touch plastic, faux leather and metallic trim. The overall look is modern and upscale, but the cabin is riddled with some fit and finish issues. Critics note the asymmetric gaps between the interior panels.


One of the highlights is its falcon-wing rear doors, which electronically swing upwards instead of a traditional door. This setup makes it easy to reach the back seat in tight parking spaces. The downside is that these doors can’t open fully in garages with low ceilings, and they also preclude the use of a roof rack.


The 2022 Tesla Model X comes in two trim levels: Long Range and Plaid. Payment system is the main difference between them. The Long Range model has two electric motors that produce 670 horsepower. It can travel 360 miles. The Plaid model gets 340 miles, but it gains a third engine, boosting production to a whopping 1,020 horsepower.

Long Range

Standard equipment includes a 17-inch touch screen, 12.3-inch digital instrument cluster, 8-inch second-row screen, 22-speaker stereo, HD radio, satellite radio, a gaming computer with wireless control, a Wireless charging, two USB ports and Bluetooth. You’ll also get a year of premium connectivity, which includes a navigation system, a Wi-Fi hotspot, and music and video streaming.


Other standard features include a panoramic windshield, automatic three-zone climate control, synthetic leather upholstery, ventilated front seats, heated front and second row seats, a heated steering wheel, keyless entry, adaptive air suspension, and alloy wheels.


It also comes with integrated autopilot, forward collision warning with brake assist and pedestrian detection, a surround-view parking camera system with proximity sensors, lane keep assist, blind spot monitoring, and adaptive cruise control. While on autopilot, this electric vehicle can steer and accelerate on its own course.

Plaid model


The Plaid gains torque vectoring and a third drive. It slightly reduces range in exchange for extra power and faster acceleration.

X model cargo space

The vehicle has a total of 88 cubic feet of cargo space. This is much better than what most luxury hybrid and electric SUVs offer. The rear seats fold flat in five- and seven-seat configurations, but the six-seater design has second-row captain’s seats that can’t fold at all.

2021 Tesla Model X Engine

The car is equipped with a 100 kWh battery and two electric motors, one of which powers the front wheels and the other to the rear wheels. The electric all-wheel drive system delivers incredibly fast acceleration. Step on the gas pedal, and soon the SUV is cruising at great speeds on the highways.


The standard model can accelerate from zero to 100 kilometers per hour in just 4.4 seconds. This is faster than any acceleration most luxury sports cars have, let alone luxury SUVs.

Safety and Security Tesla Model X

  • Forward and side collision warning
  • Automatic emergency braking
  • Adaptive cruise control
  • Blind spot monitoring, lane keeping assist
  • Surround Parking Camera System
  • parking sensors
  • Automatic high beam headlights

Tesla is an industry leader with independent safety and technology features. The impressive array of sensors and great self-driving features in the Tesla Model X allow you to feel like you’re driving a spaceship sometimes. The Model X also received one of the best possible ratings in safety and crash tests.


Full self-driving capability is an $8000 option. This feature allows the Tesla Model X to drive autonomously. It currently gives the ability to automatically make lane changes, turn off the run, and come back to you from where you parked it referred to as the Recall feature.


It will constantly monitor traffic and road conditions and will put people in the car out of harm’s way. It is also able to smoothly follow navigation considering the various intersections and lane changes along the route. The robust construction and advanced safety features make the vehicle highly attractive to safety-conscious buyers.

Tesla Model X Energy Efficiency

The base model Long Range can cover 527 kilometers on a single charge, according to US EPA estimates, where a car can cover that distance without recharging.

How to charge a Tesla Model X

You can charge your Tesla Model X at home through a 120V or 240V outlet. Another option for charging is the charging station offered by third-party companies on the road.

How long does it take to charge a Tesla Model X?

It takes about 10 hours to fully recharge the Model X battery pack using a 240V household outlet.

How long will a Tesla Model X battery last

According to Tesla CEO Elon Musk, the Model X’s battery can last up to 800,000 kilometers. To get the longest battery life, Tesla encourages users to leave their car connected to a charger if you don’t plan on driving it for weeks at a time. The company also recommends owners to charge the battery regularly to maintain peak performance. The battery should not be left completely drained as this may damage important components. Most importantly, any repairs caused by a fully depleted battery are the responsibility of the owner and are not covered by the warranty.

Exterior colors Tesla Model X 2021

  • white
  • metallic blue
  • pure black
  • shiny silver
  • red


Tesla’s comprehensive warranty coverage is among the longest in the electric vehicle category. The 4-year limited warranty covers 80,000 km, and the powertrain warranty covers 8 years and unlimited mileage.

common questions

Will Model X be discontinued?

There have been no such reports yet. It seems that there is no reason to discontinue this iconic car as it is still doing well in terms of sales numbers.

Is Tesla Model X good?

Yes, she is also able to withstand anything and everything thrown at her. While it also has a first-class cabin and the most powerful engine in the class.

What cars can compare to the Tesla Model X?

There are about 8 or so cars that are a perfect contender. With its solid road craftsmanship and luxurious cabin, the direct competitors are:

  • Audi e-tron
  • Vs. Jaguar I-Pace

Tesla Model X 2021 price

The base Long Range model starts at $91,000.

Advice before buying

Tesla justifies as the benchmark for all other electric vehicles, with nearly 527 kilometers of all-electric range, supercar-like performance, and many more tech features. Simply put, it is a great choice in the luxury hybrid and electric car category. However, the biggest disadvantage of cars is their very high price.

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