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Volkswagen Golf 2022 Specifications – Disadvantages – Price – Advice before buying

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The price of the Volkswagen Golf 2022, the base Model S, equipped with a 184-horsepower engine, starts at $27,000

Volkswagen Golf 2022 Specifications – Disadvantages – Price – Advice before buying

Volkswagen Golf 2022

Volkswagen Golf 2022 specifications

The Volkswagen Golf 2022 is a high-end mid-size car that comes with a 241 horsepower engine. The information system consists of a 10-inch touch screen, smartphone compatibility, and Bluetooth. and 22.8 cubic feet of cargo space.

Volkswagen Golf 2022 from the outside

The Volkswagen Golf 2022 retains the same design language. The front end is decorated with tall vertical LED lights that flow into the front fenders. The sharp design language and dimensions give it a unique look.


The car didn’t get any obvious changes this year, starting with the front end, and new LED headlights. But one can notice a new wheel design, a new C-pillar plus, and a pair of new headlights at the rear.


The car also comes standard with 16-inch aluminum alloy wheels and a panoramic sunroof. However, 16-inch wheels put the car behind the competition as Golf competitors offer 18-inch wheels as standard on top models.

Volkswagen Golf 2022 from the inside

Standard infotainment features: 10-inch touchscreen, Android Auto smartphone integration, Apple CarPlay, Wi-Fi hotspot, USB port, and stereo speakers.


The 10-inch touch screen for the information system is impressive, the graphics are also distinctive. The system is also faster to respond to your input. Standard smartphone integration and screen mirroring is a nice plus. The system is easy to use, with dedicated buttons that facilitate access to basic audio functions and infotainment.


Volkswagen Golf 2022 cabin can accommodate five people. The front seats are comfortable with plenty of head and legroom. At the rear, passengers should find enough legroom to match what many competitors offer. Headroom in the rear seat is excellent for this class. Golf cars have wide soft-touch surfaces and high-quality materials. Its cabin design is not luxurious, but it is still elegant and refined.


Child Seats: Vehicle has a full set of LATCH connectors for every second-row outdoor seat. There are also tie-down fasteners for the center second-row seat. The Safety Insurance Institute gave the car the second lowest rating for Marginal for its ease of use. Bottom anchors are easy to find and access.

Volkswagen Golf cargo area

With 22.8 cubic feet of cargo space behind the rear seats, folding the second row of seats allows 52.7 cubic feet of space. The car has more cargo space than almost any other vehicle in the class. It also offers more space than some small SUVs.

Volkswagen Golf 2022 engine


The 2022 Golf is powered by a 1.4-liter four-cylinder engine with 241 horsepower and 370 Nm of torque. It is mated to a 6-speed manual transmission or an 8-speed automatic transmission. The engine accelerates from zero to 0-100 kilometers per hour in just 7.6 seconds.


It’s a decent spec for a mid-size car under $30,000. The vehicle also provides smooth driving and excellent acceleration in city driving and even on highways.

Safety and security golf 2022

  • tire pressure monitoring system
  • Automatic braking system after collision
  • Intelligent Troubleshooting System
  • Forward Collision Warning and Independent Emergency Braking with Pedestrian Monitoring
  • Front Side Airbags
  • Front and Rear Curtain Airbags
  • Forward Collision Warning
  • Automatic emergency braking
  • pedestrian detection
  • Blind Spot Monitoring
  • Rear traffic alert
  • rear view camera
  • Rain-sensing windshield wipers
The National Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) gave the 2022 Golf a five-star rating in its side crash tests, and four stars in its frontal and rollover crash tests.
The American Safety Insurance Institute gave it a good rating in five crash tests and the second highest rating in a passenger-side frontal overlap test. The headlights also get a good front view rating.

For more information about crash test results, visit the websites of the NHTSA and IIHS.

Golf 2022 fuel efficiency


The base model received EPA ratings, at 46 mpg city and 62 mpg highway. For more information on fuel economy, visit the EPA website.


JD Power and Associates give the Volkswagen Golf 2022 a reliability score of 74 out of 100. JD Power is an American data analytics company and regards the company as a global market research firm. Conducts surveys on customer satisfaction, product quality and buyer behavior in the automotive sectors. An expected reliability score of 91-100 is considered best, 81-90 is great, 70-80 is average, and 0-69 is considered below average.

Average life of a Volkswagen Golf 2022

It can last up to 150,000 miles at best. If you drive, on average, 15,000 to 20,000 miles per year, you can use the car for 10 to 14 years. But major faults begin to appear from about 100,000 miles.

Exterior Colors Volkswagen Golf 2022

  • platinum gray
  • Black
  • pure white
  • blue
  • Beige color
  • silver white


Volkswagen Golf 2022 Gets Medium Warranty Plan. The 4-year limited warranty covers 80,000 km. The 4-year powertrain warranty covers 80,000 km.

common questions

Is Volkswagen Golf 2022 expensive to maintain?

Yes, maintenance is more expensive than competitors Volkswagen cars have always been expensive to repair. The average annual cost of maintaining a vehicle in its original condition is approximately 651 dollars.

Is buying a used Volkswagen Golf a good idea?

Buying a used car requires in-depth knowledge of the vehicle. A dubious deal can drive you up to total costs similar to a new car.

Is a 2022 golf car good?

yes , It is a mid-size car that offers spacious and upscale interiors with plenty of standard features. It offers the right balance between practicality and comfort. Spacious rear seat and trunk, affordable pricing, and proven safety ratings make it a strong contender in its class. But some competitors offer better fuel economy ratings and more standard features.

price Volkswagen Golf 2022

The price of the Volkswagen Golf 2022, the base Model S, equipped with a 184-horsepower engine, starts at $27,000. The SE model starts at $30,000. The R-Line model starts at $33,000.

Advice before buying

The Volkswagen Golf is considered one of the best luxury cars. With powerful engine options, and a long list of standard features and technology features. However, the fuel economy is not impressive and the price is high.


As a Volkswagen owner, please ensure that each recommended maintenance service is performed within the specified interval. Or refer to the owner’s manual that came with your car.


Every 7,500 miles, you’ll need to do a few simple things. The first is to replace the oil and oil filter. Also check the air filter and battery to see if either needs to be changed. Finally, rotate your tires. It’s an easy way to extend the life of a vehicle.


If you don’t drive often, count on doing these maintenance items every 6 months. In this way, you can keep your car in good condition.


There are a few items that don’t appear very often, but they must be dealt with at the appropriate times to prevent bigger problems from arising.

15,000 miles or 24,000 kilometers or after 12 months

  • Rotate frame
  • Battery status check
  • Checking the air cleaner filter Checking the vacuum hose
  • Air conditioning coolant check
  • Inspect brake hoses and lines
  • Exhaust pipe check
  • Front brake disc/pad check
  • Inspect rear brake disc/pads (if equipped)
  • Inspect rear brake drums/linings (if equipped)
  • Electronic throttle control check
  • Inspect the suspension mounting bolts
  • Replacing the climate control air filter (for the evaporator and blowing unit)
  • Engine oil replacement

30,000 miles or 48,000 km or after 24 months

  • tire rotation
  • Battery status check
  • Air conditioning refrigeration check
  • Inspect brake hoses and lines
  • Exhaust pipe and muffler check
  • Front brake disc check
  • Rear brake disc check
  • Inspect rear brake linings (if equipped)
  • Check electronic throttle control
  • Check steering gear box and coupling
  • Inspect the suspension mounting bolts
  • Check fuel lines, fuel hoses and connections
  • Check the fuel tank air filter (if equipped)
  • Check the parking brake
  • Check the steam hose and fuel filler cap
  • Replace the climate control air filter (for evaporator and blower unit)
  • Replace the air cleaner filter
  • Replace the engine oil and filter
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